COVER JPEG ‘Ticket To Rock’ IS OUT! - Our album ‘Ticket To Rock’ is finally out!! Find it everywhere online: Best enjoyed at full volume! Do not hesitate to share it, comment it, love it!
COVER JPEG Ticket To Rock Album Launch! - Have you been waiting for it? So have we! Our debut album Ticket To Rock is finally coming out and as said by Powerplay Magazine it’s going to be “Loud...
Daxx & Roxane The Garage 6 Cedric in Bass Guitar Magazine! - Check out this weeks Bass Guitar Magazine to catch Ced’s Basically Speaking feature. Great little interview about his playing style and bass inspirations!  
capture-decran-2016-12-08-a-16-55-05 Ticket To Rock video - Our new video is premiering exclusively on Vulture Hound Check it out HERE! We’re so happy with how this turned out. Massive thanks to the cast, crew and a massive thanks to...
capture-decran-2016-12-08-a-17-19-15 Ticket To Rock single release – Private showcase - The time has come to Rock! We are finally about to let you hear the first single of our upcoming first album. And nothing better than a D&R Rock n’...

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