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Powerplay Magazine

What you really get here is loud ‘n’ proud, cock sure rock ‘n’ roll .. This is full-on party rock with a few surprises that keep it fresh. It sounds incredible, absolutely huge.

Scored 9/10

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Powerplay Magazine (March 2017)


The unabashed gusto and conviction that’s spread throughout this record is completely infectious, and will have you dusting off your old air guitar in no time at all.

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Kerrang! (March 2017)


Heavily addictive, hard rocking 80’s vibe .. The guitar on this song [Lust & Love] is nothing short of mind blowing .. Strongly nostalgic, this [What Was] was an instant hit with me that I felt compelled to repeat several times.

Scored 10/10

Myglobalmind (March 5, 2017)  

Maximum Volume Music

“Ticket To Rock” is their first album and, it is quite superb .. In a bygone age it would have sold millions and made them rich young men .. This is without question one of the most unashamedly sleazy records in years.

Scored 9/10

Maximum Volume Music (March 2, 2017)

Jace Media

This album has everything from massive riffs to power ballads and everything in between .. Wrong Side is sure to be a crowd pleaser .. This is a wall of sound that hits you like a train .. I can imagine this being a real crowd pleaser when played live

Jace Media (March 3, 2017)

Radio Play:

‘Ticket To Rock’ – 10 weeks on the Planet Rock New Rock Show playlist

‘Girl Next Door’ – 8 weeks on the Planet Rock New Rock Show playlist

‘Wrong Side’ – 5 weeks on the Planet Rock New Rock Show playlist

4X4 Reviews:


A load of hot, sweaty old-school rock .. a tooth-and-nail, testosterone-powered rock band .. like champs, they deliver consistently beefy, guitar-heavy shout-alongs like Wrong Side .. does it rock? Hell yeah.

Kerrang! (March 23, 2016)

Powerplay Magazine

“4X4” is an energy filled burst of fun that you just wish was longer .. on a hard rock front they’re doing everything right. It’s not often that you find four great songs back to back but you genuinely get that here .. they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Powerplay Magazine (April 2016)

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