Give It Time Video - OUT NOW

🔥 'Give It Time' Official Music Video 🔥

Now available on our YouTube channel via Vevo 🤘

In this video, we decided to play with time and visual effects to give the impression of being in an unnatural world where time isn't quite right. The lyrics of the song talks about this feeling of not knowing what the other person really mean when in a relationship. This "relationship game" is probably something we've all played before, and it can be a really difficult one to conquer. Evie's dance moves are a fantastic interpretation of that game.

For this video, we've filmed many parts playing the song at twice the original speed, to then slow them down and give an impression of time being twisted. We will share some of those "2x speed" videos soon 😉 They look pretty crazy 😅

Produced by Will Hutchinson Featuring Evie Brown

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