New Album - Crowdfunding

New Album Update

It is about time we bring you the follow up to our debut 'Ticket To Rock'. We have been working really hard on new songs and we’re now ready to lay them down on a record for you all.

To make it possible we will need the support of each and everyone of you. This is why we created a crowdfunding campaign, to help us fund the project and make this album the best it can be. It's a big investment and we wouldn't be able to achieve it without the support from our fans.

We have come up with some great rewards in return for supporting Daxx & Roxane and helping bringing this new album to life!

This is going to be tight but we absolutely need to reach our target to make this happen. Which is why we would be infinitely grateful if you could all share this post as much as possible, to your friends and family.

Thank you all for your support and rockin’ regards from all of us at Daxx & Roxane 🤘

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